Saturday, 5 May 2012

NYX Cosmetics Vegan List

Click here to see which NYX Cosmetics products are suitable for vegans.
Please note that according to the email I received from the company -

'No or X means vegan
Yes or an ingredient means non-vegan
? or blank means checking with vendors'

I know I'll be placing an order when they next have free shipping! 

NYX Cosmetics in the UK can be bought from
US link -


  1. hey Rhiannon!!

    OMG!! Thank you soooo much for posting a carmine free nyx list. I've emailed them numerous times in regards to this issue and their response was always very vague, unspecific and unhelpful, i.e "yes our products do contain animal derivatives". And I'm like " helloooo.. I asked you about carmine!!!" lol.
    It's good to know that they're customer service has improved and I can't wait to buy their cosmetics.

    Once again thank you soooo much. I for one appreciate all the hard work you put in to finding out about the suitability of cosmetics.


  2. Hello there!
    You're very welcome. I know exactly how you feel about companies not answering questions directly - it makes it very difficult to know exactly which ingredients are in specific products. A piece of information that can make or break an online purchase!
    NYX online customer service was exceptional in this case - perhaps a few other companies can follow their lead. Here's hoping!

    Lovely to hear from you,

  3. I just heard PETA certified them CF as they won't sell in China. Thanks for this list!

  4. hi, the list you have shows Yes next to ES single eyeshadow then right under it says ES single shadow NO.
    Is the list for specific shades?
    if it says ten palette Eyeshadow does that mean the whole ten palette shadow range is vegan?

  5. A question-- why are there multiple entries for the same thing? Is it for different shades, or...? And thanks so much for doing this! :D

  6. Vegan cosmetics refer to the makeups made with natural and organic ingredients. They do not contain any animal ingredients or any by products. They have never been tested on animals neither.

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  7. It was nice article to find vegan makeup products and it was natural , organic so good for use it was beast product for makeups

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  10. Hi there,
    Do you know who made that spreadsheet? I see some inaccuracies and I'd love to help fix it.

  11. Hi, I'm so glad you've created this page and list, I too have a problem with carmine and animal ingredients. That list you provided was back in you have an update by any chance? Thank you

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  15. The eyeshadow base "esb" is not vegan, it contains beeswax. The best bet is just to read the ingredients on their website.

  16. The eyeshadow base "esb" is not vegan, it contains beeswax. The best bet is just to read the ingredients on their website.