Monday, 28 May 2012

Michael Kors Watch Dupes

Recently, I've been lusting over the Michael Kors watches and my bank balance has been quivering nervously, wondering whether it will be suddenly depleted in an overnight impulse purchase. With MK being an American brand, it comes as no surprise that the prices here in the UK are pound-for-dollar (Abercrombie and Fitch, anyone?) I thought it would be an idea to put together a collection of watches similar in style to Michael Kors, but at slightly more affordable prices!

 Left: Michael Kors MK5145, £219. Right: River Island, £25.

Left: Michael Kors MK5076, £179. Right: River Island Silver Tone Watch Bracelet, £25

Left: Rocha. John Rocha, Debenhams, £70

Left: Michael Kors MK5166, £199. Right: Fossil Gold Steel Watch, reduced to £108 at ASOS

These last two below are more 'MK inspired' rather than dupes, but I didn't even consider the possibility of leaving them out - they're too pretty and quite a steal!
Left: River Island, £22.     Right: River Island, £25

As much as I love the gold/rose gold MK watches, my favourite has to be the white River Island watch. How similar do they look?!

Would you splash out on a Michael Kors watch? Come across any bargain dupes?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Recently, I've been lusting over the Michael Kors watches and my bank balance has ...

  2. Nice! Have you seen the selection over at They just launched new site with a huge selection.

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